4 Questions You Need to Be Asking Every Recruiter Who Reaches Out to You

When it comes to entertaining the idea of interviewing for a new position, it is VERY important that you have all of the information. We want you to be able to make an informed and educated decision.

Below are a few questions you should be asking every time a recruiter presents you with an opportunity that you are interested in exploring.

  1. Do you have the exclusive on this?
    Why you need to ask: Good recruiters usually do, which means the employer is giving them the exclusive rights to hunt for candidates. But, that’s not always the case. In many instances, managers will farm out their job openings to multiple recruiters and…..not all are created equally.

  2. Do you have direct access/communication with the hiring manager?
    Why you need to ask: Sometimes employers will have an HR person be the “go between” which means recruiters lose a ton of their influence when it comes to guiding the hiring manager through the process.

  3. Why is the position vacant? 
    Why you need to ask: If they respond and let you know that the last 3 reps were all put on a PIP, it may be a yellow flag.

  4. How much interviewing has already been done/Where are you in the interview process?
    Why you need to ask: There is nothing worse than showing up to your first interview, assuming it’s theirs also…. come to find out the manager has already done 2 rounds and you’re a filler for someone who canceled.

Do not get off the phone until you have the answers to these 4 questions!